January 21, 2011

Seam Ripping is Good for the Soul

At least that's what I'm telling myself today.

I was thinking I wanted ribbons when I started quilting the outer border, huge twisting ribbons, and that look never seemed to happen.  I told myself if I kept quilting it will start to look better.  Do you believe that to be true?  I did find that they started to look more how I wanted them but I also discovered that I didn't like that look after all.  So I picked out the stitches for about 3 hours.

Surprisingly thought I was able to add spiral wave quilting all over the final border in about an hour once it was all said and done.  How's that for making it up?  I tucked in all the remaining threads from this round of quilting into the quilt at the bus stop so that just leaves the binding, Yippie.
Small and Large Border Quilting
So how did it quilt up?  Sue recommended echos around the flowers which I thought was perfect so those ripple to the brown and green border.  I quilted lollipops on that one.  Little Swirls with sticks seemed like the perfect choice.  Then the red border.  The bottom has plant life of different variations.  The sides both have an orchid then a butterfly, a Black Eyed Susan, which is topped with what else but lollipops of course!  Last but not least the top is sky quilted with thin wispy clouds. 
Awaiting Binding
The entire quilt has a delightful puffy "come love me" look about it and DD's trying to stake it out.  The yoyos I quilted on by stitching a star burst over the top of each one, which adds to the puffy 3-D texture while still leaving most of the petal edges free.


QuiltSue said...

I'm glad my sugggestion was useful. The quilt looks good, but I hope you didn't have any plans for it other than to give it to DD?

Heather Landry said...

I think Jessica thinks that beautiful quilt is hers! LOL Is it?