January 04, 2011

Happy New Year! Lollipop

My daughter and I have just been loving this carefree time off.  Be it computer games, Play-doh, or Barbies we've enjoyed all of Jessica's new things.

I started on the Moda Lollipop Kit that I won from Sue's Christmas Quilt-A-long, the sponsor of the kit was Sharon at Daisy Quilting Cottage.  I did really good following the directions for about a hour.  Sorting check, piecing check.  Red Border...  Oh! 
Green Dots are the binding and the yellow is the backing
The kit calls for a 2" border, but they give you enough fabric to make a 9" and I thought this little ditty was to small anyway so I made it a 5" border as it allowed me to use some of the extra charms for the corner stones.  I plan to applique these cute little yo-yos I made to the corners like as you can see below.  After I attached my red border it occurred to me I could make the entire thing even bigger by using the neutral polka dot fabric which seemed to be intended for the backing as yet another border.  So I added that too.
Lollipop Quilt Corner Detail
The kit came with these adorable buttons but buttons are a choking hazard on a baby quilt not to mention uncomfortable to lay on so I had to switch up the applique flowers.  Instead I look all the circles I'd cut to make petals and stitched them into yo-yos instead.  The little bag the kit came in is perfect for holding all of the odds and ends I needed for sewing the yo-yos. 
I'm planning on making some sort of lollipop floral applique to go over the patchwork middle, but I'll have to play around with the pieces before I figure out what to do with that.
Not sure what happened with this picture, but these are the lounge pants I made for my brothers the one on the left is a delightful evergreen tree and reindeer print and the one on the left is a super soft salamander and gecko print and just to keep the present shakers guessing one had two boxes of Junior Mints inside and the other had two packages of Skittles.  Not certain who's hairy armpit made the left most edge of this photo but I'm certain they're wishing they kept that thing down while I was snapping pictures!

How did the holiday season treat you?  Plenty of happiness to go around I hope!  Please feel free to drop me a note and let me know.  Or at least vent a little bit; no sense holding it all in.


Vicki said...

The lollipop quilt has turned out really cute. You had asked me about basting or pinning the yo-yos before you do the quilting. I think it would likely be easier to baste them since you only have the 4 corners where the yo-yos will be. Also they will less likely shift and you won't accidently prick yourself with the pins. I found that kept happening to me when I had tried pinning something instead of basting it before doing the quilting. Have fun.

Heather Landry said...

That quilt is absolutely adorable! I just love the colors. I'm glad that your brothers loved the pants you made them. I'm sure they were adorable. I'm also glad that you and Jessica are getting to spend time playing with all of her new stuff. We're doing the same at my house!

Notjustnat said...

Thats a very cute quilt. Glad you had a lovely time with your daughter. Best of 2011 Elizabeth - Hugs Nat

stitchinpenny said...

I love the choices you made on the lolly quilt.

AnnieO said...

I love Sandy Gervais' designs, always so bright and fun. Great idea to biggie this quilt!

Hilarious commentary on the Christmas photo...thanks for the laughs!