January 28, 2011

I'll take you and you and maybe no...

Today a friend of mine and I trotted off to our not so Local Quilt Shop, it is self proclaimed the biggest quilt shop in Florida.  This made my third trip there, and would you believe until today I'd never purchased fabric there before?  After going through the entire front of the store and all the way to the back I found one of the background fabrics I'll be using on the Dresden plate quilt.  I would have found it sooner but it was in the back most corner of the Christmas fabrics.
Creamy Golden Fabric with Silver Leaves
The fabric is a creamy golden blender with silver leaves printed on it.  See how they catch the sunlight?  I will be using this both for my circle centers but also for the 9 center most Dresden Plate background blocks.  What does that mean I'll use for the other background?  Well I'm not quite sure.  I nearly had a good match a couple of times, but each time it was a hit and a miss.
Quilt Layout showing 9 center blocks
I had planned on coming home going online and seeing what if anything I could find in a similar family and that's when I discovered there is nothing printed on the selvage edge!  Seriously nothing more than the color match dots!  I really wish I'd noticed that before so I could have checked the fabric's bolt label while I was there.  So if you recognize it please let me know.  It's Hoffman Cream Pearl Style #E889-33P.
Blue Dresden Plate on Creamy Background
On a different note I found the perfect matching silk thread to use for appliquéing the center circles so that at least is a home run.  I now have plenty to sew.  My poor dear husband - he doesn't know how fast I'll be putting him to work making my circle template!


Vicki said...

I love the fabric you found for the Dresden plates. It actually looked very familiar and I thought it might be similar to one of the ones I had used in my Christmas quilts. So I went and found those fabrics and the one is similar but not quite the same.

I have a suggestion, give the shop a call tomorrow and ask them if they could give you the name of the manufacturer and the fabric because you forgot to write it down. You need it for your quilt journal where you keep your records of the quilts you made and you record what fabrics are used.

QuiltSue said...

I see Vickie had the same idea as me about calling the shop.

I think using a cream rather than white is a clever choice as to me, white would have been very stark against the blues, but cream will let the plates stand out on their own.