November 30, 2010

Hawaiian Ocean Applique Progresses

One of 12 of my Turtle Blocks
I've been working on the applique turtles, currently I have five completed blocks and three blocks that are just appliqued turtle bodies awaiting their shell pieces.  It seems silly to me to take photos of what I have already showed you, so today I'm going to dream about another similar quilt with you that while I had it in the back of my mind for quite a while this change of color and place came roaring out at me the other day.

Approximation of Reverse Image
I call it the Reverse Applique Turtle Quilt.  I'm planning on using all of the leftover cut out pieces from the Hawaiian Ocean Applique Quilt and putting them into this second quilt.  As the back of my green fabric is covered entirely in Wonder Under and my husband and I planned it this way; all of the leftover pieces will be usable in this second quilt.  No waste not even one small scrap.  Off to the left you can see how it will work.  In case you are wondering the pattern was redrafted from a needle turn applique method to allow us to do this.

The background of this layout is white on white, but for the second quilt I plan on selecting a tan/sand batik for the turtle bodies.  I think using the sand color for the turtle bodies will give them an on land appearance instead of the swimming in the water look.

Neatly saved but never zipped in
Yes, Yes, I'm saving everything and in case anyone is worried the bags are merely for keeping everything together.  Here in Florida I wouldn't dare zip them up, locking in all that humidity?  Eek!  Or perhaps Eeww is a better word.  I promise there are no Ewws or ewes here for that matter (wool allergy).

Now I just have to keep my eyes pealed for the perfect fabric.  Whoa darn fabric shopping. LOL.  I hope everyone found what they were looking for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Or perhaps you simply found a lot of what you weren't looking for?  I my case I did all of my shopping at the computer. Because no matter how fast I make that scooter go, you'd all still beat me to the sale.  That's why DD and I say "Wheee, and Zoom," as we shop with the scooter.  It helps to give the illusion of speed!  Now why not drop me a note and tell me how your shopping or lack there of went and why, I'd love to hear about it.


QuiltSue said...

Here in the UK we don't have Black Friday, but I still wouldn't go out if we did. I love to shop with my laptop and a coffee! No crowds, No hassle, No cold/wetsnow. Most of my family are either book worms or music fiends or Playstation addicts, so if I get well organised I can make one trip to Amazon and sort most of it!

Vicki said...

I think the land turtles will be a great counter part to the sea turtles.

As for the so called "Black Friday" shopping traditionally it didn't exist here in Canada. Things normally didn't go on sale much before Christmas, or only a little bit. Then the day after is Boxing Day and that is the day for all the big sales. That use to be the tradition and that comes from our British heritage.

Over last 10 to 15 years, maybe a bit more, things have changed a lot. With a much more mobile society, the internet and a more robust dollar many Canadians have embraced the US "Black Friday" and head down to the States for a weekend of shopping. This has put a lot of pressure on the retail business here and they have their sales drop over the holiday seasons as Canadians want the bargains.

So the last few years we are now seeing "Black Friday" sales up here. But for the most part I don't bother since I don't like crowds and fortunately I don't have to buy a lot of gifts.