November 20, 2010

All Stitched Up With Somewhere to Go!

Yesterday I did all of the hand work labeling on the block for Myra and today I dug out the cutting mat and trimmed it up to 6.5".  So very soon now I'll be sending it off.  It's only a 6.5" block so even International I'm certain it will be no big deal to mail.
 On a different note I started cutting the pieced for the back of the Snake quilt and would you believe I don't have enough fabric?  I had enough fabric if I just sewed it together but because I just had to piece it.  Oh yeah, so I'm going to be sorting that out over the next couple of days.  Really makes me question what the quilt is asking of me!
My five year old hasn't been feeling well the past two days so while I'm always happy to take her picture her request that I take this one pulled at my heart strings.

1 comment:

QuiltSue said...

Your heart block is very clever and so original.

your daughter is really pretty. I hope she's recovered now?