November 20, 2010

Cherry on Top Blog Award

My friend Heather, whom I've known since my marriage and ideals were young has given me a blog award.

Here are the rules to this blog award…

1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Put the award on your blog.
3. Share three things about yourself that you enjoy doing.
4. Pass the award onto five people.

Heather is a dear friend to me and she is a truly amazing scrap-booker.  When ever I mention her to others their eyes bug a little bit and their mouths drop open slightly in amazement.   She might not believe me when she reads that but it's true and she should take it to heart, because she truly is wonderful.  Thanks for the award!

Three things about myself that I enjoy;  shesh that one seems like it should be easy, but the easy stuff you already know anyway.

1.  I love to curl up with a good book.  Books I've read before are like old friends waiting for me to return to them.  My favorite books I have read so many times I can pick them up and open the book at any point read a sentence or two and know exactly what is going on.  I so love rereading books that I made my DH buy me a box of old Anne McCaffery Books that I had already read at least 80% of.

2.  I thrive on spending time with my DH, even if he's sitting in the next room watching tv and I'm doing something on the computer and we're not even bothering to talk - it's like the house is filled with good vibes.

3.  I'm not certain this last one counts, but it's my blog so I'm going with it.  I love compliments.  It's like I'm a cat being petted.  It is so wonderful to hear when I've done something good or helped someone.  That's the good stuff.  It goes straight to your heart and warms you from the inside out.

Now I read a great group of really awesome blogs and I'd hate to single out five, not to mention what of the others that I momentarily forgot?  I'd wake up in the night worried someone felt slighted so I think your all great and that's that.

1 comment:

Heather Landry said...

LOL You are so funny! When you mention me to people their eyes bug out? LOL I'm glad you liked the award Liz! It's really fun to read about all of the things you enjoy!