June 21, 2010

Missed Me?

My cousin tells me she believes there are two kinds of pain.  The kind you've earned and the kind you didn't.  The kind you've earned is like working in the yard or the like.   That's the good kind of pain.  It hurts but you did something and thereby it's okay.

The bad kind of pain is the kind that grabs you by the throat and takes over, while you are bewildered that you're even feeling pain.  After all you did everything right and didn't push yourself or anything.  Chronic pain sufferers have to deal this sort of "bad pain" more often than we'd like anyone to know, much less admit.

Last night the bad kind woke me up.  Now you know pain that wakes you up has to be bad.  I mean seriously?!?!?  I was sleeping!  So I dealt with that from about 2 am until 4:30 or so.  Oddly I went to sleep around about the time DH cuddled up to me, which that alone is odd.  Normally when I have bad pain I will lash out as the spasms can be stronger than my desire not to have them.

I guess all that meant I was darn well going to earn my pain today.  I stood and held towels while DH pressure washed the last of the house to protect the air conditioner from water leaking in on it.  Then I held the first new window while Rob installed it.  Then I cleaned one tower of DVD's.  I changed the sheets on the bed.  I helped to unpack and sort windows.  I helped repack and sort windows and then I did all that all over again.  Then I stood and cooked dinner.  Trust me when I say I'm hoping the dishwasher fairy will show up at my house tonight.
Little Boy's Red Starting to Show
Baby cardinals seem to be everywhere these days.  I think we have three boys flying around (they look so silly with their red colors coming in and one girl who was oh so gray) No babies with Lady Bird and her Gentleman Bird yet.  In fact the two of them are here together right now.  Lady Bird has been enjoying drinking from the birdbath the past couple of days and her boy was seen feeding her just yesterday. 
Little Boy Cardinal
So as I mentioned above we've been working on our house.  Here is the first new window installed and a snapshot of my Sapphire Blue Sherwin Williams paint.  So tell me what color does it look like to you?


Heather Landry said...

Of course I missed you. I'm so sorry about your pain Liz. I think your new paint looks amazing. It reminds me of the ocean, or a beautiful blue sky! Gorgeous! And your baby cardinal photos are awesome as well. Thank you for sharing!

Vicki said...

Cute little cardinals and the colour of your house reminds me of a darker periwinkle blue which indeed does have a purple undertone.