June 07, 2010


What is so awful that it would keep me away from my own sewing machine?!?!?! Sewing! LOL! Allow me to explain. First there were pants to repair, which I did, it only took me about 4 or 5 days to resign myself and do it...

Then it was these curtains. The curtains are huge and silky. I stupidly said I would alter them because the area allowed for the rod was only 2”, which wasn't wide enough. But that was when I thought I could alter them my own way. When they were delivered to me I was asked to alter them a certain way. I didn't want to alter them that way because I didn't know how, but it was to late as they had already been washed and dried for me. So after way to long I started on them. Hey I finished them 3 days after I started them and while that's as slow as honey for me it's really not that long.

So here's what I learned: I am going to work VERY hard to keep my mouth shut and try not to offer my services up for free ever. If someone wants or needs something bad enough they will ask and if they ask perhaps they will pay (at least they should) and there's two motivators for doing the job right there.

I miss my Brother ULT 2001. The motor purrs under my fingertips and I miss that. She tells me when I'm being stupid and the thread isn't threaded right, or if I am working on something so big and thick that I can't tell if the presser foot is down - she knows and saves me time and energy. So I've found the $90 for her maintenance fee (standard for a combination machine in my area - I know I called around) as well as having collected what I'm certain will be enough to replace the pinched and thereby semi-severed tiny ribbon cable in the embroidery arm - no sense fixing only one half of her course. And everything should be better in a week or too. How wonderful. Until then enjoy the piece and tranquility of your favorite machine. ;-)


stitchinpenny said...

You have been missed. As a person who unwisely volunteers, my advice is don't. Advice I can't seem to take, but I really hope you will do much better than I.

Heather Landry said...

I don't like to do projects that aren't gifts or aren't fun. I think of my hobbies as de-stressing, and if I volunteer too much or over commit... I get frustrated. I've also been offered a few for pay projects, and I find that those aren't very fun either. LOL I'm a weirdo.