June 22, 2010

A Clean Sneeze

Do you think keeping every last scrap of fabric can clog your creativity? I truly believe that's what happens to me. Ever since I started sewing 2 1/2 years ago or so now I have kept nearly every single scrap of fabric regular less of the size. I'm working on trying to quit save quite so much if only because I'm allergic to dust and my allergies alone have had me barely glancing at my fabric and looking away in distaste. Yes, I said it distaste! More times than I can count I've been at the sewing machine with a box of tissues and then the thought of dealing with a big bag of scraps... Trying to dig through... UGH! It's a real Sneeze!

Somewhere along the line from when I started until here my brain redefined "scrap". In fact I think it happened more than once. So even in my sash I had little strips a bit of this and a minuscule amount of that. It was so bad when I took the white fabric down to sort it; it looked like a pile of tissues! Now I assure you there weren't any tissues in there, but there were plenty of bits. When I started running out of room to keep my fabric I would shove the little ball of scrap in with the others... Oh it was not pretty!

So now I have taken everything down and refolded it and went through a rather dusty and large pile of misc. sewing stuff as well. Sure enough I eventually located that elusive thing called clean.

Meanwhile DH hurried home from work early to install our new back door. That was another remodeling challenge, but luckily he was up to the job. Explain to me what is it about replacement that has to be difficult? Yesterday the window was a half an inch to big and today the door was over an inch to small. Cripes.

No pictures today of my small tidy sewing area that would require bending and my nose say's "Don't you realize you're out of tissues?!?!?!?"

The best news of all is I had more of some fabrics than I had thought and I was certainly inspired inspite of my sniffles.

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stitchinpenny said...

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. I have been trying to figure out how to finish sorting all the fabric in my sewing room. I found a bunch of stuff that I didn't remeber and the stuff was shoved two stacks deep. Gotta fix that.