March 12, 2010

The Process of Quilting

For me quilting is the process of quilting together my top my back and my batting.  Often I plan while I'm piecing how I will quilt the finished piece.  Just like building a house sometimes the knowledge comes quickly and it's something I know right away without hesitation and other times it comes more slowly.  With the Buckeye Beauty Quilt it's been a slow revelation.  I've been quilting from the back which I suppose makes it the front now with the Windmills taking first thread (that wasn't ripped out).
Above is what I have so far, with the echoes over the purple quilted over all of the windmill blocks. I'm thinking I might like to make diagonal quilting now over the teal fabric to give it the appearance of the blades of a windmill; perhaps I should Google Windmills for more insight. No thoughts on those offset blocks yet; I think when I've settled on the Windmills the offsets will come to me.

The more I look at the trapezoid border the more I love it. The texture is just amazing - well worth the effort to strip piece then cut and sew again.

1 comment:

Heather Landry said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I really LOVE the texture that the quilting added. Wow.