February 28, 2010

What I See

Yippie! I've basted the Buckeye Beauty flimsy front to the Windmill flimsy back and now it's time to quilt! Yet I'm not as excited as all that sounds. I started quilting completely free motion and hated it. Ripped it all out and started over free motion quilting over a paper template. The results are what you see below. As I sit here and try not to look it I think it looks pretty good. The real trouble is that as I remove the paper template from my quilting it is also breaking the threads - which is ripping some of the stitches out. Time for more of the seam ripper and a stronger thread… I know, I know, I just really liked that color as it matches beautifully both to the front and to the reverse
We're still sick here; at this point the grownups are more down than Jessica who is hindered by only a terrible cough. Personally I'm hoping I'll have my voice back tomorrow.  At least now I'll have something to do in bed, aka pick out my quilting. 

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