February 21, 2010

Cat Trouble

This is a typical Sunny face. See the vacant expression? Now here's what happened: Sunny went to the water bowl to get a drink and stepped into this bag. When he tried to walk away the bag went with him. Quickly so not to alert the bag he played it right off his foot. As the bag sat there doing nothing Sunny had to investigate the bag further as though to attempt to learn how he got stuck in the first place. After a time it becomes clear he cannot discover the bag's secrets so he tracks down his super smart sister. Can't you just hear Tiny mumbling, "I don't see anything?"
Of course once I snapped the photo Tiny took off like a girl afraid of the world knowing she likes her brother and was last seen trying to smack him.


QuiltSue said...

What a fun post.

Heather Landry said...

Really cute story and photos! Sunny is such a sweet boy.