April 23, 2012

Hawaiian Ocean Turtle Quilt Finished!

Oh I love a good finish.  This one is especially nice for me because you see, Vicki gave me this pattern Fall of 2009! Now your eyes just flew open at it having been that long.  I started on it right away.  She told me to practice so I did, and made one quilt which was a charity quilt, I told you about it the other day.  Then I had to go and make things difficult.  I had seen a website selling both halves of the applique as two different blocks (of a completely different pattern mind you and that was die cute), the cutaway parts can be used on a second quilt which I thought was excellent, after all why waste fabric?  I asked DH to redraft the pattern so it could be used in that way.  Which he did.
Hawaiian Ocean Applique Turtle Quilt
Turtle Quilt Reversible Back
Hence Ocean Turtles, this quilt and Earth Turtles were born.  Earth turtles is awaiting a quilt back before it can be quilted, but my Hawaiian Ocean Applique Turtles are all done!  Yippie and hooray.   This is a twin/twin xl and my pictures show it on a double sized bed where it rests nicely on top.

The back is pieced as well, with the green squares within in the water sashing highlighting the colors of the back and really making the entire quilt come together.  The binding is the same green fabric that the turtles are made from.

Water lapping echos move around the turtles and the borders have small turtles swimming up and down with the lapping water echo quilting moving around the baby turtles as they swim.
Turtle Quilting Detail
This is my first finish of 2012, though with it being this big and this pretty I can only hope all the others I finish this year will be as charming.
Tiny on Ocean Turtles


Debbie said...

Your quilt turned out great. I like it when the backings are so well coordinated and interesting! Well done.

stitchinpenny said...

This looks great! So glad that you made all the wonderful choices along the way.

Heather Landry said...

This quilt is absolutely lovely. The back is as lovely as the front! I love Tiny posing for us too. So cute!

QuiltSue said...

Hasn't that turned out wonderfully? I love the turtles you have quilted into the blue, and obviously Tiny does too.

Dana Gaffney said...

That quilt is wonderful. I love both sides, such wonderful colors in both.

Vicki said...

Amazing job, this quilt is stunning. Well worth the effort and Tiny certainly agrees.