April 30, 2012

April New FO Posting

Kindle Cover WIP front
Today I started a new project.  This is the cover for my Kindle that I have been looking forward to making.  The meerkat fabric is a custom swatch made from a picture my DH took when we were on vacation last year.  I did a bit of hand stitching to say "Mom's Kindle" at the bottom.

The additional fabric on the back is a fusions fabric and on the inside is a delightful bit of hand dyed fabric that some of you might recall from the Mermaid Quilt I made last year.
I planned a little pocket inside which I have started as you can see below, ribbons will hold the Kindle in and gussy up the pocket.

I had hoped to finish it today, but I've decided I'm going to like the finished product more than I had previously thought, so instead of cardboard I will need to find my template plastic to give the cover some protection.

Kindle cover WIP front and back
After adding the plastic and stitching it in I will finish this with a bit of binding. As for the closure, what do you think a toggle, or velcro?  I'm currently leaning towards a toggle as I am concerned about anyone pressing against the screen.

At first I wanted to quilt reading friendly words over the back, but changed my mind before starting the quilting.  I like the texture it has this way.  As for the Meerkat print, it is echo quilted with clear mono filament, my favorite.  Not.

Kindle cover WIP inside
Today is April's NewFO show off day and in addition to this newly begun project, I did start and finish two radiant glow blocks for my Lone Star Quilt which you can see here.

Did you work on anything new this month?  Why not make a post about us and join us.  I'm sure Cat Patches would be happy to have a more quilters involved.

This month actually marks the first month that I didn't finish the project I started as my NewFO, but finishing isn't part of the rules.  All you have to do is start something new.  What a refreshing change.  The random draw is for another darling handmade quilter's pin.  This month's pin looks like a log cabin block in pink and black.


Barbara said...

Oh that is so cute! Love the meerkats. We have them at our zoo. Too bad they can't be pets.

Debbie said...

Something for yourself...love it! And I also love that the rules are just that you have to start something...I'm very good at starting quilts.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

New unfinished, is what the goal is, finishing it is just icing on the cake. Have fun!