February 15, 2011

Odd Numbers

Now rather than vent about the pattern, which I threw away because I thought I'd saved the original computer file but really hadn't - and then recreated to discover I made the center the wrong size...and now have to rip the entire thing out and cut it down...  Which was what I did today.  I'm instead going to mention DD's Valentine's.

Last year I thought it would be asking to much of my daughter to write her name and the names of all her classmates on her Valentine's Day cards, so I had her write her name 18 times and tell me who was getting which specific card and I wrote her classmates names.  This year seemed like the perfect year for her to write everything with just a little help reading the names from me.  I was surprised that the other mothers didn't agree with me.   In fact I rank in with the rare "mean" parents.

As you can see 25% of the parents just did it themselves.  That I can understand I suppose.  Busy life and so forth.  More than 30% of the cards didn't even say who they were from at all.  As though the child arrived with an unopened box of Valentines.  I'm curious what would you do?

I found that DD was more than happy to write her classmates names and often she could actually read the name without my help, bearing witness to that feat I found it delightful.  I thought we'd need two weekends of prodding to get her through her class list, but she buzzed through them the very morning after the list arrived home.

So how has your sewing been going?  Hopefully you don't have as much seam ripping to do as you did sewing!


Heather Landry said...

Alexis wrote both names on her card. I wrote the other kid's names on Jordan's cards and she signed her name. Keep in mind though with Jordan's developmental delays that was a good bit of writing for her! So that's why I helped. She chose which card went to which kid though.

stitchinpenny said...

Being a grandma, I can tell you that my 3 year old granddaughter signed all her cards and they were told not to write names on the outside.

QuiltSue said...

Is it common for kids to give Valentines to all their little classmates? Over here in the UK it doesn't happen at all.