February 12, 2011

Christmas Quilt-a-long Year 2 Session 1

Good Morning!  The Christmas Quilt-a-long has returned.  I know you're thinking it's awful early to be thinking about Christmas but I can't resist.  This year the hosting is being shared.  My two lovely hostesses designed a star quilt to go along with the Quilt-a-long so each month with have a BOM to go with it.  I'm especially looking forward to working on that.  I spent two days (yes I went away and came back later) going through my fabrics and in the end I decided my BOM quilt will be mostly flannels of pink.  (I was amazed to find so many different shades of pink) and it's all being held together by this great pink and purple fern batik or is it a print?  I'm not sure now.  Anyway it's beautiful.  With a splash of blue thrown in to spice things up.

For days I've planned what I will have cooking itself and would you believe I found some homemade chicken noodle soup in the freezer just waiting for me to thaw it out and serve it?  Sounds perfect does it not?

Then last night DH happened.  Seriously how many people have a change of plans because DH happened?  It's okay he was offering to pick up dinner on his way home.  Bonus! No reheating and no cooking!  I'm going to need that extra time because after all that thinking about dinner I never came up with what I'd be making today...  Opps!  Well when I know I'll let you know.

Happy Sewing!

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QuiltSue said...

LOL. I love that "DH happened". How great that he is going to organise dinner for you. I've sent you the instructions for your first block.