February 08, 2011

Floating Dresden Plates?

Today we're having a quiet day.  I noticed this morning after DD got on the bus that Tiny was holding her paw off the table.  As Tiny is always picky about her feet I flipped her baby style and discovered she does have one red pad with a little "mommy I have a boo-boo" sort of boo-boo on it.  So no bath for Sunny day, and no running the vac in the main house.  I'm certain you can tell how heart broken I am!

Let's talk quilts!  I have finished sewing the circle centers onto all 16 of the Dresden Plates!  I am so thrilled!  Towards the end in spite of being hand work they went at a nice clip.  I've found that I work best having my sewing near me at the computer while I'm blogging (or playing Sims; an addiction that is a bit to addicting. That way I can reach over do a little and then go back to what I was doing on the computer.
Blue Dresden Plates all stitched up
These Dresden Plates measure 16" from point to point and I had planned to sew them to 18.5" background squares.  Now...  There is the option to sew to 20.5" background squares.  I'm not certain how much float I want in my circles.  I read on another blog that the quilter was having trouble with the Dresden Plates looking to busy and I firmly feel I will not have that trouble with the 18.5" background squares as they will sew in on point forcing the blocks to be further apart.  But as I have the fabric I've been thinking about it bigger...  The increase would give 1" of "float".  I know, I know, lay it out and look at it.  Well that's a job that requires a bigger quilt helper than Tiny and her hurt paw...


Vicki said...

Those Dresden plates look gorgeous.

Maybe you can convince DH to help lay out the fabric to see what size of block would look best. Always best to check first before cutting.

QuiltSue said...

How about just laying out say 4 on a piece of background, leaving the appropriate space between the plates, in a square to see how they look on different sized backgrounds. That way you should be able to stand back and see the effect.

Heather Landry said...

I'm sorry that Tiny hurt her poor paw! I hope she's feeling better now!