October 05, 2010

Patisserie Back is Nearly There

Patisserie Quilt Back Nearly Completed
Today I worked on the back of the Patisserie Tennessee Waltz Quilt.  This side is much brighter showcasing the other fabrics in the quilt while the Patisserie fabric recedes a bit.  At least that's what I see.  From the picture to the left you are missing the top Ohio Star Variant.  It's hard to take a picture of something that is 95" long!  So it goes Ohio Star Variation, the teal one I really like, two Ohio Star Variants, one Fight Block, and then the last Ohio Star Variation.

After the six blocks up the middle were completed I added strips to either side keeping things nice a simple as it is just the back.  As it is now the back is about 7" narrower than the front so about 10" shorter than I'd like it to be.  To bring it up to size I'm planning on taking my scraps and making two rows of piano keys about 5" wide thereby I'll have one for each long strip.  We'll have to see how that goes over time.

I did demo my on hand fabrics for the sashing strips and this pink really took the cake.  It looks like random dots in the row below but it is really little dots that make stripes.  I was quite happy that all the strips were cut from the fabric the same way so they sort of run together with the line of the blocks.
My Spontaneous Star
Above is the spontaneous block.  I had run out of the Patisserie scraps that I had cut for the top and didn't have any idea what I would do in order to make the second Fight Star, that's when I saw them - leftover pieces from the ribbon border.  At first I tried them where the green touched the pink center all around setting the pink center off with a teal diamond and that was nice but when I spun around those little leftover blocks the entire thing showed a spin that I really liked the look of.
Batik Binding
While I was working I also cut, sewed, and ironed my binding so it will be all ready for when I need it.  Of course I didn't think to take the picture of it until after the sun went down!  You know it's silly; I really dug in my feet over making any binding at all but while I was actually doing the job it was so redundant that it was honestly soothing.  The longest part of the job is the pressing and who doesn't long to do that?  LOL!  Right, I know we'll all have an anti ironing party and it will be required that we all wear wrinkled clothes to attend.  Oh the horror!  Hey isn't it the anti-ironing party that campaigned for the "Wrinkled Releaser Setting" for all dryers?


orchidlover said...

I love the back of the quilt. The spare blocks are fabulous

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

Vicki said...

The back turned out lovely. Great work.

As for ironing, I sometimes question my own sanity for picking quilting as a hobby given that I really hate ironing LOL.