October 15, 2010

Hodgepodge Christmas Quilting

Yesterday, I put my red cotton thread into my little Elna and we started quilting together.  It might sound strange but even with her small 6"+/- throat I like quilting with her and more than that I find that I really love the results.  For me seeing a quilt that I quilted on little Elna is like a glimpse into my own abilities.  Does that sound strange? Quilts I made more than a year ago delight me because I can look at them and say hey I was good.
Quilted Bright
This is the Christmas quilt, you know the one I'd intended for the freemotion Quilt-a-long and it ended up being so much more than just a bit of fabric sewn together? Yes, yes that's the one.  So now I'm just over half done.  Okay so I'm nearly 3/4 but I skipped on the blocks that I plan to quilt big snowflakes in.
Quilted Trust
I quilted my trapezoids with words like "Love, Peace, Hope," etc and then I did loops and stars all around the words.  I know that's the start of a bad habit and always doing what comes easily but in all honesty this will only be the second quilt I've done loops and stars on, and they both were Christmas themes.  Besides I didn't plan my filler before I started quilting and I really wanted to quilt NOW.
Quilted Gift
The little plaid blocks all are receiving one stocking as you can see the stocking spans the entire 7" square and then I have filled in around them with simple loops.
Quilted Stocking
When I'm done with these It will be on to the big red paisley blocks for either big white snowflakes or small ones, what do you think?  Oh and of course the border.  I'm rather excited to get started working on that holly border.  If I hadn't known better  I promise I would have started with that border!


orchidlover said...

Love what you've done so far

Love and hugs Gina xxx

QuiltSue said...

The words you quilted look fantastic and I really like what you're doing with this quiltalong.

Aunt Spicy said...

Wow! You are super talented! I am so impressed!

stitchinpenny said...

Love the fact that you are happy with the work you are doing, it looks great.

Heather Landry said...

Oh wow this is sooo cool! I really love all of the designs that you quilted. Beautiful Liz!