October 06, 2010

Nothing Left but to Quilt the Quilt

Patisserie Quilt Back Side View
To hopefully make up for the small pictures in today's post I added this nice big one of the piano key border. Oh yes and that pink thing in the upper corner is DD's PJ shirt, she only missed the basket by about a foot or so and here that counts as good enough.

Here is the piano key border I threw together this afternoon.  I went with 3.5" strips and then when I demoed them together I found I liked the white and pink fabric a bit thinner to keep the colors balanced.  I pieced these strips as 10" long by 3.5" except for the pink and white which I cut up the center of the strip; after I'd sewed together all my repeats I carefully laid it out and cut it in half.

Adding it on was no big deal, but 93"+ is really long so I pinned everything first.  I must admit I'm in a little bit of a shock that the quilt is to this point already.

Top of Patisserie Waltz
Back side of Patisserie
On the left you will see the front of the Patisserie Tennessee Waltz Quilt and on the right is the back.  I'm not thrilled I had to make the pictures small for you to see them side by side this way, but as always you can click on any of my images to see them in more detail.  Do these two sides look very different to you?  I look at the right one and then the left one and my brain hesitates for a moment as though it's odd two different quilts could be created from the same fabrics, but it's true of course.  That's what makes quilts so unique and special to those that make and those that are lucky enough to receive them.

So what's left?  Well I talked my daughter into letting this be a light weight quilt as it reminds me of Spring (I tried to tell DH that DD wanted it to be a light weight quilt but he caught my slight fib - so I figured you would too).  That sadly means no Warm and White because one layer of that here in Florida and it's a winter quilt, but it does mean I'm open to suggestions.  What battings other than polyester and needled cotton have you tried and what did you think of them?  Nearly two years ago I made a nice big bed quilt using Dream Angel Batting but spray basting it on was rather like being a fly caught on fly paper and each spot where you stuck the batting clung to the shape of you instead of nice and flat.  It did have a nice drape and didn't seem to heavy though.  I'd like it to be nice a breathable, but with enough loft to really feel all the time and love I'm putting into it.


stitchinpenny said...

Piano keys are such fun accents. I love the wiser and thinner stripes.

QuiltSue said...

Since I always use Warm and Natural, I can't be of any help whatsoever I'm afraid. But the quilt does look great.

MaksiTaksi said...

The quilt looks great. Happy quilting, I love the quilting part(by hand) and when I'm finish always feel a bit of sadness, like saying goodbye because I don't have to work that quilt anymore. Do you recognise it?

(I see you are a Virgio to, just like me :) )

Aunt Spicy said...

I haven't ever spray basted and I just buy what ever batting is on sale...I am not much help today am I? Well the quilt is lovely!