September 07, 2010

She was in Labor on Labor Day

My mother hates that joke.  I can just see her cringe as more than once I have said "my mother was in Labor on Labor Day".  Now over the years she's learned to pipe up with "and I never worked harder a day in my life".  Of course she and I know that's not true as I wasn't even a big baby, unlike another child she had... 
Butterfly near the Quiet Pool
So anyway Labor Day babies pay dearly for their birthdays all through early school years.  Why?  Because  if you celebrate early - you don't get to invite your friends from school as school isn't in session yet and if you celebrate Labor Day weekend only your family can come and if you hold it a week or two late, you still end up being best friends with the family that is trying desperately to have one last family getaway before settling into the grind.

But what is great about being a Labor Day Baby is that when you start dating you can tell everyone to remember your birthday is Labor Day weekend, and then they will hit your birthday about 50% of the time.   So that's better anyway. 
Did you know there is a Tron Monorail these days?  Not really a fan of the movie, but hey I've seen it.
But this year my sister took all those less than ideal celebrations and threw them out the window with a delightful trip to Walt Disney World.  Oh yes that's what I said.  DH and I rode all the rides in the Future World of Epcot before noon, no waiting - no joke.  It was awesome.  Then my sis and I enjoyed splendid shopping all over Epcot.  We had Cloud Creams in Norway (call them cream curls, cream horns or Cloud Creams I don't care they were wonderful).  Pizza in Italy, a boat ride in Mexico, fish and chips in the UK (okay my sister had Fish 'N Chips I had Bangers and Mash), and then capped off the evening buying perfume in Canada. 
This was being written in the sky while it was just DH and I,
how sweet!
We stayed at the Polynesian which was wonderful.  I think the humidity is lower there, as it felt so nice to feel the sun's warm rays. 
The morning sun filtering through the Kukui Nut Tree imported from it's native Hawaii
I do hope that you too enjoyed your Labor Day weekend.


quiltingnana said...

sounds like a great Labor Day....and happy birthday a little late

stitchinpenny said...

Happy be;ated birthday and congrats on celebrating the end of summer with friends and family.

MaksiTaksi said...

I knew I missed your birthday! My birthday is at the 8th of september.

Much to late but anyway Happy Birthday! I hope you did have a great day.