September 16, 2010


When I was in high school (and I'm not saying how long ago that was)....  I had an amazing teacher.  My graduating class nicknamed her Scuffy (and I'm not telling you why either).  She to this day, so I hear, teaching with a passion that one would hope to ignite even the most electronically inundated mind.  I adored her and in the history of all of my teachers she was by far my favorite. 

Today I am Scuffy, not because I inspire classrooms full of children (though hopefully I'll be doing a bit of that this November for the Great American Teach-In but more about my plans for that another day), but because I twisted my good foot so now even my normal limp is out of range and I have been sort of "scuffing" along since Tuesday. 

Let me see here, what have I been up to since blogging last?  Oh yes I made a wall hanging, it's a little thing barely bigger than 1' square, but I hope the person I made it for will like it.  All I have left to do with that is make and add the binding.  Who would have thought it would take so much work to talk myself into making a yard and a half of binding?  Good Grief.  Do you have times like that?  It seems like such a paint to get everything out for such a little thing.  Perhaps I'd be quicker if I commited myself to making the binding for something else too...  Hmmm, like maybe the Patisserie Quilt...

People that work all the time amaze me.  Sometimes I just want to curl up with a book, or something else quiet.  Like now, the only noise in the room is the slight hum of the computer and the click of the keys.  I love that peace and tranquility.  I'm certain a love of things quiet comes from parenthood as I didn't care one way or the other for it growing up.  Shoot in those days I could read through just about anything.  Hu, I guess I still can; as when I was sick over the weekend I was reading on the couch while my daughter watched Sponge-bob, what is it with that show anyway?  DH and I used to comment that simply having it on makes our IQs drop.  These days it must have plummeted low enough for us to stop mentioning it.  Perhaps it's like a big mess that you hope will go away if you ignore it. 

Does anyone know how to make a Giant Spiral?  I need one, something like 8"-10" out to about 30", well I'm off to go see what I can find on the Internet, wish me luck.


QuiltSue said...

Hope your foot/ankle recovers soon. I read somewhere that some people make binding pieces from leftover project scraps as the finish something, then they can always produce some pieces, sew them together ver quickly to the right length and bingo, binding ready! I'm not that person mind you!

stitchinpenny said...

Bindings are the most important part of many of my quilts, from the patchwork one I did on a recent quilt to polka dots and stripes that I love. Good luck on your binding.