September 07, 2010

Quilt Basting Day

Basting Day Quilt Pile
Today I had that Quilt Basting Day I was looking forward to.  First I basted the Practice Freemotion Quilt for the freemotion quilt along and then the Denim Patchwork - I decided this one wont be puffy patches, but I'm not entirely certain how I will quilt it perhaps a simple trace of some of the flannel butterflies on the backing - only time will tell, and then I used my last big piece of batting to baste the Christmas Hodgepodge Quilt.  No worries on batting though as I have enough to take care of that Christmas Wall Hanging I mentioned here as well as a second secret project that I'll be working on next Saturday as part of Sue's Christmas Quilt-a-Long and sadly even though that should be wrapped up quickly you wont be hearing another word about it until Christmas.

The Christmas Hodgepodge Quilt is a really pretty quilt, I ran out of basting spray so it is the only one that is pin basted.  I found myself a bit startled by it as I was basting it and again now that it's puffy with batting.  I have high hopes for the finished quilt on that one.  While I have every intention on filling it with freemotion quilting I think I will make some aspect marks for things like the large snowflakes and so on.
Sunny Asleep on Kitty Kamp Pattern
When I was in college I took more than a couple of art classes, the first of which had a through if overly cautious first year teacher, she gave so many high quality handouts and so much sketch work that to this day I have everything from her class in a binder that I keep near my sewing machine.  So last night when five year old dd wanted to read one of my sewing books I happily let her have her pick.  Surprisingly she grabbed that old binder and out slipped a pattern given to me by my friend Vicki, some of the pages got a little mixed up and it wasn't put away so here is Sunny taking a siesta right on top of it.


orchidlover said...

Love the picture of Sunny.

A great day's work. I try and have basting days aswell as it's the one quilty process I'm not too keen on

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Heather Landry said...

Sunny is sooo cute! He found the perfect napping spot! I am glad that you got so much work done on your quilts.

stitchinpenny said...

I can't even imagine a whole day of basting becaise Ihate it so much. I usuall just pin.

quiltingnana said...

I should set aside a day for basting... I have several pieces that I could do

Vicki said...

Good job on the basting, it's nice to get that one out of the way. Sunny is just too cute having his siesta.

MaksiTaksi said...

I should have a day for basting. But I wait as long as possible. Dont like that work. But you had good help from your own quilt inspector I see :)