January 28, 2010

Happy Turtles

Just this very morning I finished up the Hawaiian Appliqué Turtle quilt I was working on. This quilt went fairly quickly taking about 24 hours from start to finish. This quilt is a Linus Blanket and will be headed off to the Linus Project just as soon as I wash it. No shopping time required for this quilt as I worked to only used items from my stash. Threads on hand, fabrics on hand, and yes even batting.

I considered adding detail to the turtles but I wanted to give it some thought first to ensure anything I added would child friendly. Now that everything else is done I think the turtles are great just the way they are and need no embellishment.

I even stitched in a bit off luck. If you look at the quilting lines on the side with the gray stripes some of those gray stripes have little four leaf clovers quilted down them.

Now I'd like to take a moment to point out that this is a Give a Day Get a Day Get a Disney Day Project that Disney is sponsoring. As a handicapped individual it would be impossible for me to help out on site at a habitat for humanity home for example. But this I can do and so can you. There are many projects on the list that do not require standing for long periods of time. I was doubtful myself, but I found that by entering my zip code in the link provided above a variety of home based volunteer was available. Granted not the places I have done charity quilts for in the past, but it's good to share the love around. If don't think you'll use the park ticket you can even donate it to children in the community.

I love the concept of this, as I think it can unite families in teaching children about helping others. The only thing I don't like about this project is it is ONLY for children 6 years and older. As my four year old helps me quilt on a regular basis I find this limiting, both while working on the projects and also when I take her to the theme park as children over 3 require theme park tickets to enter the park. I'm certain there is a good reason for this apparent oversight. 

Don't forget if you're going to participate:

1. Select what you'd like to do and make the commitment. You Must Sign up BEFORE completing your time.

2. Complete your time within two months. That is the time limit set by the two projects my husband and I are participating in, but the time limit for your selected project may be different. If your project like mine requires you to ship something be sure to complete your project and mail it in plenty of time to allow for delivery within your time.

3. For those doing at home volunteer follow the information in your provided packet. Most of the at home jobs I looked at required a photo of you doing the work.


Vicki said...

Your Linus project turtle quilt turned out lovely and I like the lizard fabric that you included. Congratulations!

Heather Landry said...

I think your quilt looks amazing! I'm glad you're getting a Disney day in return for it! I think it's really cool!