January 30, 2010

Buckeye Beauty Quilt - Flismy

Ever looked at something and thought I know just what I'll do with that, and then when the time comes you go in a completely different direction? That was me yesterday. Shelly sent me a squishy bonus with the Apple Quilt she long armed for me.  I wanted to use it to try out raw edge appliqué, but for some reason the background I had planned wasn't working for me so I went off to my Eleanor Burn's Quilts Through the Seasons for inspiration.
Since I knew I would have a bit of extra fabric I made an extra block and split it over the length of the quilt to make it bigger.  It took about a day and a half to complete the flimsy so I'm not certain how Quilt in a Day it is.

After I created this little quilt I looked up other Buckeye Beauty Quilts and found something barely close to what I had made, I suppose that must make this an interpretation of the original pattern? Ah well to each his own I suppose. I bordered mine out to be 40"x48" and I have enough of the black print to use it for the binding sometime in the future.

I made this quilt because I love the feel of quality fabric slipping through my fingers and into the sewing machine.  When dealing with cheap fabric even pressing seams can seem like a chore, but a nice slightly heavy uniform weave can make all the difference. 

Happy Sewing!


QuiltSue said...

The quilt is beautiful, and so is the "model"

stitchinpenny said...

Some how I had missed your last 2 posts. Love the turtles and the new flimsy. Good luck.

Heather Landry said...

Jessica posing above the quilt just makes me smile! Does she try to "help" you quilt? It came out gorgeous! You guys must never get cold in the winter anymore with your quilting hobby! LOL

gwen said...

Jessica does seem to have fun posing in front of that very nice flimsy. I always have to remind me how purple and yellow look good together. You just proved it once more! Take care.

Vicki said...

This quilt top came together very nicely. I like how you added the splt blocks to the edges, it really gives it a finished look. I love your choices of colour - purple & yellow they work so well together.

Aunt Spicy said...

That quilt is just fabulous! So fun!