November 01, 2009

That's a Quilt!

Well now as much as I want to people would be confused if I said that's a wrap when really it's a quilt. The Feathered Star is officially done. I finished it Friday, but I felt like it needed more quilting so this evening Jessica and I sat down together and added more. I'd say it's done now. The flannel back is really nice; it makes me want to curl up with it, which I did Friday afternoon even in 80 degree weather. It does amaze me how the simply adding quilting takes three pieces that feel nothing like a quilt and viola even as it moves within the sewing machine I can feel the change. For me it's like stitching in magic.

This quilt is two sided, the back being two of the softest flannel I've had the joy of working with.  Oh and if you think those simple four squares are easy take a second look.  Since the seams never match I had to sew a little and stop, line things up and sew some more.  I do like the finished look.  This is the butterfly/easter egg fabric, so tell me which one do you see first?  I saw the butterflies first, but everyone else says the eggs.

These are part of a scrap challenge.  They are going to be reversible 4-holiday placemats.  This side is the Christmas - Valentines side and I have a print checkered fabric that I'll be using for the fall side.  I plan to make 10 but for my entry it will only be six, since the requirement is to only use what you have and I ran out of red thread on number seven haha.  I'll also be making a reversible tablerunner/wallhanging to go along with these.  If you want to participate click on the words "Scrap Challenge" you've got till Nov. 6th.

Last but certainly not least is my Stormy update.  What a growing scarf I have on my hands.  Measuring in at 18" inches and on the second ball of yarn!


stitchinpenny said...

Boy you have been busy. I love everything.

Aunt Spicy said...

What a great idea on reversing the cutes!

Heather Landry said...

I love the colors on the scarf and reversible placemats?! You've thought of everything!