November 06, 2009

The Find

For Halloween my neighbor, who volunteers at hospice, gave Jessica a beautiful Strawberry Shortcake Dress.  It's darling in red and Jessica wore it to school the first day after I washed it.  Everywhere she went people complimented her on her pretty dress.  It's an apron style dress so it will work great with long or short sleeves under it.  Dresses work perfectly for Jessica who is so skinny, so I asked my neighbor if there were any more dresses.  Sure enough there were.  Aren't these beautiful?

I nearly forgot to tell you the about the dresses!  They are handmade never worn dresses.  The story my neighbor told me is that years ago a husband and wife started up a business the wife made all of these children's clothes. When the wife passed away the husband brought in all of the remaining dresses that his wife had made and donated them to hospice.

My personal favorite is the sundress with the pink and yellow 1/2" straps.  It has a pretty little purse attached to the waist with ribbons that hold it to the dress.  The little purse even opens for little treasures (hopefully I'll always find those little treasures before I wash clothes!)  The Cream dress to the left of it has a similar little purse which I'm certain Jessica will love having. 
Stormy Update
Stormy is sporting his third ball of yarn in this photo and has grown to be 36" long.  Shoot I've gone and knitted the length of a child!  Jessica loves to use my knitting needles as wands so one metal needle went missing for a night, I used one of my wooden needles that night instead and those were the hardest rows to put on by far!  But the lost is found and it seems to be going a bit faster now.  (the bamboo needle of the same size has more friction therefore I had trouble with drag).

 I'm personally currently in a rush to make an Advent Calendar for my friend Vicki over at Felines and Fibre Arts.  It's funny you think oh Christmas I have plenty of time.  Not so with an advent calendar.  I figure I need to have it in the mail before U.S. Thanksgiving to ensure it arrives in time.


Shelly said...

AWE! Those dresses are just the cutest. I'm sure the wife is looking down happy that they have a beautiful little girl enjoying her handy work.
I LOVE Stormy!!!

stitchinpenny said...

The dresses are beautiful and wands may just be more important than knitting.

Heather Landry said...

That is such a sad story about his wife passing away. I'm really glad that her work has found a happy little girl to wear it! I'm like Shelly, I'm sure the woman is looking down smiling on Jessica wearing them.

Aunt Spicy said...

So sad about the wife passing away, but I love that he passed on her talent to others!