November 05, 2009


Mommy, can I check out a Cinderella Book at the Library today?

My brain wheels a bit. Honey of course you can, but you already have two Cinderella Books here at home.

Is this what happens when you have lots and lots of books avail. to your child at home? I don't really know as Jessica has all of my children's books and all of my four siblings children's books (I am the oldest and the youngest is 19 my junior). She also reaps the rewards of a used bookstore going out of business and all children's books that I was buying that day were only 25 cents. Not to mention all of the books she herself has selected and has had purchased just for her. We easily spent 40 minutes reading to her or having her "read" (talk about the pictures) back to us. Often it's more. I timed our book reading over the course of a day over a year ago, just because I was curious.

So today is library day at school, it's the 11th week of "school library day", on three different weeks she selected books we already own. Twice she picked Cinderella (one was paperback and later it was hardcover) and once she picked "I wish I had Duck Feet", which is a great book, a holdover from my childhood days that we hadn't read in a while. Hey at least she knows what she likes!

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stitchinpenny said...

Reading with children is so great. I am happy to hear that Jessica recognizes the value of a good book.