August 13, 2013

New Curtains

I just finished up some new curtains for DD, at a whopping 8 years old I felt it was time to replace the faded Winnie the Pooh Bear ones back from her nursery days.  I took what my mother taught me years ago about using two layers of fabric to create a light blocking effect and made these using a beautiful hand made batik on one side and a coordinating solid purple on the reverse.  Now should I decide to make tie backs I will made them using the last little bit of batik fabric that I have.  That way the curtains can be turned so that the purple side shows with a bit of batik detail or the simple batik as shown here.


Dana Gaffney said...

The curtains look great and I really like the idea of the purple in back. I've been watching for you in the Pets on Quilts show, you must be busy.

QuiltSue said...

They look great, the fabric is beautiful, and how clever to make them reversible.