July 12, 2013

To Spite Sore Arms

Well now I have learned a very important lesson, never show off the corner of a quilt when you can show off the entire thing.  
Mandala Back so far
This new picture of the back of the Mandala quilt shows off the deep rich blue very nicely, where as the other image seemed to show the blue as lighter and more vibrant than it is.  I'm not sure what should come next?  Perhaps green?  I have two deep greens, one a batik and one a print that might work.  I also wondered if perhaps I should do something with pieced blocks?  I have more spirographs from the front of the quilt 6 big ones and 14 little ones if someone was thinking I should add a hint from the front on the back.  Though I'd like to save one or two of the big ones for a pillow...  At your suggestions I think the answer here is to use only deep rich tones, vs. bold bright ones that would detract from the Kaleidoscope blocks.


Vicki said...

What a difference this photo makes. Now the border is working with your kaleidoscope blocks instead of fighting them. I think any other colours would have to be more rich tones as opposed to bright ones so they work with the blocks. How big are your small blocks that you have? You may want to use them set against some more black where you have 3 along the top and bottom and 4 along the sides. Then after that row go to one of your deep greens. It all depends on how big you need your back to be.

Belinda said...

That is really a strikingly beautiful quilt!