July 11, 2013

Mandala Front Complete, Backing grows.

Last night I worked on my Mandala quilt.  Working on Mandala's is said to be a healing process for the creator.  I don't know about that but I do know I dread each new step with this quilt only to do it and discover oh that wasn't so bad.  This quilt now measures 96" and it's plenty heavy so I only took pictures of the corner.  In this first image it is a corner using a small kaleidoscope block, as well as those zillion half square triangles for the last HST border.  The red folded border looks wonderful over the whole of the quilt.

 Then I began working on the back of the quilt.  I bordered out the back Kaleidoscopes with the black as I'd planned, and then added the water batik all around.  The trouble is right after I finished sewing on the blue border I found 2 yards of the blue in the picture above, that turquoise and royal, clearly I'd intended to use that on the back.  It doesn't play well with the blue batik I added though.  Any thoughts?


Vicki said...

I hate to say this but your gut feel is right. That blue water batik looks like it is fighting the rest of the quilt. When I look at it my eyes keep going to the blue batik and not the kaleidoscope blocks. It's like the border has over powered the rest of the back of the quilt.

Hazel said...

Well, it's difficult without seeing the whole, but I think that your gut feel is generally right in these instance. :-(

It would be good to see you at the Christmas QAL this weekend, but I'm guessing you might be a tad busy!