February 25, 2013

Inspiration into Reality

Faux Flowers within Skirting
Original Dress per
Zulily's Website
The other day I was casually shopping online and I saw a beautiful little girl's dress.  The dress was white with a faux flower at the hip and then some petals trapped within an organza over skirt.  A traditional mother would have been inspired to buy it for her little girl, instead I was struck by the dress and instantly inspired to create it as a dog dress.  Or in my case two dresses.

It's a dreary overcast day, so I can tell you the color in my flowers is off, they are actually vibrant royal purple flowers.  Originally I had thought to use some 1/4" purple trim that I have, but when next to my purple flowers it wasn't a solid match so I went with the silver instead.  I can hardly wait to hear what my friend has to say!


Heather Landry said...

Jordan has a pink tutu like that. It's made of light pink tulle and it has rose petals in a dark pink in the bottom. You did a gorgeous job on these dresses. She'll love them!

QuiltSue said...

How cute. I love the combination of purple and silver for the trim.

Vicki said...

Such cute dresses, they will be wonderful for the spring time.

Debbie said...

Sew Adorable!