January 21, 2013

Puppy Dresses and My Tired Tiny

Tiny all worn out
How have you been?  I've been thinking about you.  Lately I've been making puppy dresses for the newest addition in our friend's home.  Since a puppy is always growing I've brain stormed up some "grow with me" ideas and built them into my latest dresses.  You can see one example below, but I'm not going to give away my secrets.  This year I'm hoping to average about 18 dresses each month which will allow my family and I to go on a vacation together in 2014.  This month I've finished 17 and am working on number 18 now.

As you can see Tiny says we've just been working our little paws like crazy and it's always good to crash in the sewing room, even though momma doesn't recommend it.

Big Girl
Little Girl


Debbie said...

Great idea on the growing doggie dress! Always so adorable.

Vicki said...

Tiny is so cute snoozing there on the fabric. Cute puppie dresses.