July 16, 2011

Purple Charity Quilt All Done!

I took this off the frame a while ago but what with the camera issue...  There are so many different things that I quilted into it you could look at it several times and not see the same thing twice.  It says things like "Mom Dreams of Africa"  "Daddy dreams of Mom".  I tried my hand at meerkats and feathers.  As you know DD did quite a bit of quilting on it, in addition to hearts she made flowers and other fun things.  My DH ended up adjusting the tension and while he was at it made a couple of nice combinations.  I didn't photograph them because after he was done I liked them so much I added more and more outward layers so you can't tell what he did from what I did.
DH's quilting to the right flows into mine
A friend of mine and I will be headed up to Quilt 'Til You Wilt in August and they are my local chapter of Quilts for Kids so I think I'll just run this up there when we go.  That will keep it local as the local chapters give to their local hospitals.  What do you think of the quilt though?  Is it pretty enough?  As a practice piece I guess I'm concern some will judge DD and I that this isn't the most colorful contrasting beauty I've ever stitched...

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stitchinpenny said...

You do so much better with your frame than I do with mine. I love the quilt.