August 21, 2012

July's NewFO Finished

As you may have noticed I haven't been a good blog author and am behind in my posts.  So this evening's post is about the Mug Rugs I made for a friend of mine.  I started and finished these all in the same day.  No bidding just sew flip and close.  Then I ran a bit of quilting around the little paw print border.  I wanted to stitch around the dalmatian but DH warned me that would wick moisture through glasses and or mugs so I didn't take it that far.

I made four of them because I had four of the cute little panels.  It was a bit of a scrap tapestry panel someone had given to me and when I saw it buried in my "notions" bin I knew it would make a perfect impromptu gift.  For the backs I used a seashell themed tapestry.  I told her she can use them to go under her doggie bowls or use them as mug rugs, around here we'd just say they are over sized coasters.  She seemed happier with the later idea.


Barbara said...

Truly better late than never. So glad you linked up. I love these.

stitchinpenny said...

Very cute and what a sweet gift.

QuiltSue said...

They're so cute. I never thought about the quilting acting as a wick for moisture, that's a good point.

I bet your friend was thrilled with them.