July 14, 2012

Christmas Quilt-a-long July

Crud, I forgot today was our Christmas Quilt-a-long day.  I just happened to look over and see my top all neatly folded and it occurred to me "isn't CQAL day the weekend after the Lone Star QAL weekend?" I don't have a very good excuse either, other than I'm under orders to take it easy on a recently dislocated knee and sprained ankle, and I was so busy not doing much of anything that I just plain forgot.  Perhaps the huge mess in the sewing room was a contributing factor?  In case you're wondering the injury was stupid.  I turned to look for my glass of tea and that was what did it, this is the good knee that's gimpy so I'm scooting along.  Trust me it doesn't hurt nearly as bad now as when I did it on Thursday!

So since I was late on last months quilt a long, here is my top put together awaiting the beautiful border Sue planned.  Goodness gracious but I hope this doesn't happen in October when it's my month to be the hostess!  I know, I'm surely prepaid now.


Joanna said...

I like your layout very much and your little one looks so cute posing with it. The green and blue look so neat together.

Lynn said...

Great looking quilt top Elizabeth. It's never too late to sign up!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yet another beautiful layout! Lovely color in this.

QuiltSue said...

I love this layout. Isn't it fun seeing how different everyone's quilt is going to look when they're finished?

Sorry about the knee and ankle, I do hope they're recovering now.