September 17, 2008

She's Here! She's Here!

My new sewing machine arrived 2 whole days early! I wasn't nearly ready, as I hadn't even read the embroidery unit part of the manual. Of course the box holding the embroidery unit was banged up so I had to set it up and make it sew, while we hastily tried to read the manual, with the DHL guy hollering "everything okay?" every 30 seconds or so.

These are my very first Embroidery projects. I sewed the "E" first, and then DH wanted to see it "do something" with color changes, that would be the little teapot there, and since I have volunteered to fix my sister's butterfly pants I designed and stitched out the butterfly, not the perfect answer for the tear on her jeans, but I'm working on it. DH has also done a little embroidery on it, but his wasn't done when I took the photos.

My new machine has the hopeful name of Trusty Gem. Trusty because she is nice and solid like Trusty in the Lady and the Tramp movie, and Gem because once the DHL guy went away I discovered that she works like a gem. Perhaps Charm is better? Oh well only time will tell if it's a fitting name.

My current project (that hasn't been slid to the back burner for being a pain in the rear the way the red star quilt was, don't worry I'll get back to it!) These are the striped pieced together to make a Bargello quilt. These strips were given to me by my quilting friends for my birthday. Currently they are sewn together, and are awaiting two things. The Eggshell colored thread I ordered to quilt it with, and for me to come up with a beautiful repeating pattern/curve to make the bargello with. Call me crazy but I think all the different colors from all the different ladies really blends well together.

My aunt called my mom this morning looking for a high chair for Aidan. It seems my cousin pushed aside at least THREE offers of a free high chair (including one from me and one from my mom). But since she didn't want them... Now they don't have one... But think they need one. Okay here's the deal either use the baby swing like we did when dd was tiny, or go to Goodwill/Salvation Army a little bleach water and you've got a high chair.

Perhaps that is a bit unfeeling, but that's how I feel. I've burned up my blender and already told DH he needs to go to the Salvation Army and look for a new one that's of good quality to replace my new "piece of junk".

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